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Personal donations

Every year, and due to the generosity of donors like you, we are able to support the education of  underpriviledged children in the rural communities of Upper-Egypt. As such, please rest asured that 95% or more of every dollar you donate goes directly towards the education, and health and welfare of those children.

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Tax Deductible Receipts

AAUE automatically issues tax deductible receipts.

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Corporate donations

Businesses and corporations are encouraged to sponsor projects that are compatible with their operation, and in line with the AAUE mission (Education, Health and Nutrition, Micro Lending etc.). 

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Tax deductions

Donations you make to U.S. registered charities may help reduce your income tax. Our governments grant important fiscal advantages in the form of non refundable tax credits.

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Where your donation go

The funds raised are transferred to AUEED to support its projects and other activities. AAUE Board of directors works in close collaboration with AUEED management to identify needs and ensure that your donations will have the greatest impact.

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